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History of BBQ

Texas barbecue goes back to German butchers who settled in Central Texas during the mid-1800s. They took a hint from Mexican vaqueros and emphasized beef, not pork in their barbecue. They hand-rubbed the meat with salt, pepper and spices and cooked it at a distance of three feet from the fire in pits filled with available hardwoods, including oak, hickory, pecan and mesquite. The taste was as distinctive as it was delicious.

Chicken & Beef

At Joel's Bar-B-Q, we still do it much the same way: slow cooking on a pit for up to twelve hours, over real Mesquite wood in our special pits. But in addition to beef brisket, we cook St. Louis style and baby back ribs, chicken, turkey drumsticks, pork loin and homemade sausage. We serve our mesquite-smoked barbecue with our own mild smokey barbecue sauce which accentuates the wonderful taste of the meat itself.

Our History

Joel's BAR-B-Q is a small family-owned business located in Flatonia, Texas. Joel's started as a weekend business on wheels in October 1978. Joycelyn and her then-husband Joel Kubesch parked their smoker wherever they thought they could attract a crowd.
After spending over a year operating as a weekend business on wheels, with business growing, they began to visualize a real Texas barbecue pit that made great BBQ, set in a rustic environment.  So, they set out to realize their dream. All they could think of was a small cozy place with rustic wood beams, aged stone walls, and open air seating. They built a one-room temporary building next to a gas station at I-10 and
FM 609 and was ready to bring Joel's to reality. And today, after more than 25 years of being in business, that temporary building is the front kitchen of a patchwork building. The rest is Flatonia history!


All meats used by Joel's are SLOW COOKED over Mesquite wood. As we say...cookin' the old fashion way! All our meat is hand sliced....And, each slab of ribs is trimmed out to our very tight specifications...NO Automation! So pull up a chair, roll up your sleeves and dig into the best BBQ in the world.

What some of our customers have said about Joel's BAR-B-Q over the years:

    "It's just a hole in the ground, but the best bar-b-q you will ever taste"
    "You haven't tasted Texas Bar-B-Q until you have had Joel's Bar-B-Q"
  "I have been coming here since I was a little kid, and it is still just as good!"

Our Mission

 To provide our customers with the highest quality products, and give world class customer service, while continuing to expand and grow our business.

Organizations We Belong To

  We are a proud member of the Flatonia Chamber of Commerce

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