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1996 Article 


Joel's Bar-B-Q

Reprint of an Article (including spelling errors) which ran in

THE AD-VANTAGE, July 1996 

Joycelyn Kubesch, proud owner of Joel's Bar-B-Q, will be celebrating her 20th year in the Barbecue business next year. She is also the owner of the Conoco Station/Convenience Store (next door) where the humble beginnings of Joel's Got started.
  Before Joel's had an actual "place", the original portable pit was brought to the Conoco Station and used to cook the barbecue on week-ends.  As time passed and business was gowing, a small kitchen was built, with the pit on the outside and a milk truck was used for refrigeration. Eventually a larger, 32 ft. pit was needed, and was used continuously until 1 1/2 years ago when Joel's purchased an "Old Hickory Smoker" that can cook 1,000 lbs. of brisket in 8-10 hours, as opposed to the 24 hours required to cook it in the pit. The original pit is now used to keep the meats warm and the 32 ft. pit is kept in working condition as a back-up.
  As business increased, a place was needed for those who wanted ot sit and enjoy their delicious meal.  A unique building was constructed consisting of a roof, a cement floor, and walls made of logs and marter.  homemade picnic-style tables & benches have been part of the decor throughout Joel's history.  There is a jar of fresh pickled jalapenos with carrots on each table for the customers to enjoy.
  Joycelyn cooks 800-1,000 lbs. of brisket, 150-175 lbs. of sausage, and numerous side items each week. She uses her mothers potato slald recipe, with the exception of celery, as one of her best selling side dishes.
You can buy plate lunches, sandwiches (regular & Texas size), meat by the pound, Fajitas, Frito Pie, and choose froma a large selection of side dishes. You can also get dessert, fresh brewed tea, homemade lemonade, or soda to top off your meal. Besides coming in for all the goodness Joel's has to offer, you can order Jerky by mail, or hace a special occasion catered by Joycelyn to ensure a successful event.
  Joycelyn credits her success to a lot of hard work and the help of her two sons, Charlie and Chris, who have been there to help her throughout the years. Both sons know all operations of the business and could take over for her at any time. She also says that she has the best employees that anyone could ask for.
 If you haven't had the privilege of visiting Joel's Bar-B-Q, just get off I-10 at Flatonia, Exit 661, to experience a meal that won't soon be forgotten. The delicious food combined with the friendliness you will encounter at Joel's will bring you back time and time again.


Re-Print of Original AD-VANTAGE July 1996 Article


 Photos accompanying THE AD-VANTAGE article


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